Which Olympic capitals most expensive real estate

London topped the medal standings cities , demonstrating the best performance in the discipline of ” Cost per square meter of real estate ” with a score of 47-48 thousand dollars (34-35 euros) . This is stated in the ranking of cities taking summer and winter Olympic Games from 2000 to 2014 . the following economic indicators : the cost per square meter of real estate , the price dynamics for the year , the economy , investment in the Olympics , quality of life , compiled by an international consulting company Knight Frank.

Capital of Winter Olympic Games 2014. – Sochi – won gold in the discipline of “Investing in the Olympics ,” by investing in the construction of numerous facilities and infrastructure in the order of 40 billion euros , denoting a new world record .

If we talk about the cost of housing in the Olympic capital , the Sochi are in last place in the ranking of cities under consideration and do not get a medal in this discipline. Here, the average cost per square meter of real estate is 500-600 euros.

Silver at a cost of “square” gets capital of Australia in Sydney . According to the study , the average cost of real estate here is 17,5-19 thousand euros per 1 square . m silver medal also received Australian city and the price dynamics for the year – 9.3%. Bronze medalist became the capital of the Olympic Games – Beijing 2008 . The capital of China is lagging behind by a small margin of Sydney with a score of 15-16 thousand euros per “square”.

According to the rating for the winners followed by a large margin Vancouver ( 3-4,3 thousand euros ) , Turin (2-3 euros) , Athens (1-2 euros) , Salt Lake City ( 1.5 -1.8 thousand euros). Sochi were outsiders

“There is a direct link between investment in infrastructure and the cost per square meter of residential property in the city. Naturally, for the facilities of resort real estate development is especially important leisure , health resort infrastructure and transport accessibility. However, unambiguous relationship between investments in sports facilities and the cost of resort real estate no” – says the director of elite real estate Knight Frank Russia & CIS Elena Yurgeneva .

As for Sochi, then surely the amount of housing that will be put on the market immediately after the Olympics is huge , and then to implement it , it will take at least five years , experts predict. “When there is a surplus of supply , expect a substantial increase in prices makes no sense, ie as investment opportunity , I would buy property in Sochi has not considered . But now in the wake of the positive reviews come from attending the Olympics , we notice an increase in inquiries from wealthy Russians to purchase real estate in Sochi. previously 80 % of these requests came from Moscow , now increased the activity of the inhabitants of the regions ” , – says Elena Yurgeneva .

Awardees in other disciplines

London also received gold in the discipline of “Economy” , being a leading economic power . Bronze medals in the British capital received disciplines ” Dynamics of prices for the year ” , demonstrating about 7.5 % growth in the period from the IV quarter of 2012 to the IV quarter of 2013 . ” Investing in the Olympics ,” investing in the construction and organization of the event 12 billion euros and ” quality of life ” .

The second step of the podium takes Beijing, won gold in the discipline of “Dynamics of the year ” with a rate of about 17%. Two silver medals capital of China won second place in the disciplines of ” Economy ” and ” Investment in the Olympics ” , spending 31.6 billion euros.

In third place overall is Sydney . Gold this metropolis of the first Olympic Games of the third millennium rightfully gained in the discipline ” Quality of Life ” . In ” Economics ” Sydney overall won the bronze.

Completes the rating of ” team ” of Vancouver one silver medal , ” Quality of Life ” in the bank .

The study cited by city Sochi, London, Beijing, Athens, Turin, Vancouver , Sydney, Salt Lake City.

The most outstanding building in the world.

Dubai has opened another architectural masterpiece here never cease to amaze with their records in the construction of high-rise buildings. It is here that the tallest building in the world – ” Burj Khalifa “.
And the days of the opening of yet another architectural masterpiece – the highest ” twisted ” skyscraper , which was given the name of the Infinity Tower, which translated sounds like a “Tower of infinity .” His height – 307 meters. It should be noted that this is not the first in the world ” Twisted ” building. First there was a skyscraper in Malmö . However, his height was significantly inferior to ” Tower of infinity” – 190 meters championship by now – rightfully belongs to the Dubai skyscraper . It has 75 levels, each of which is rotated by 1.2 degrees , giving a spiral twist with an angle of 90 degrees. With this out of the windows of apartments offers a wonderful panoramic view of the man-made island Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Creek Marina.
Building work on the project American architects , they also participated in the construction of the ” Burj Halef .” The project cost nearly $ 300 million . USA. To build the skyscraper began seven years ago , but the deadline of an object repeatedly postponed . This was due to financial difficulties, and in 2008, and at all flooded pit .
Tower located in the prestigious Dubai Marina , it is considered very promising for investments. Therefore it is necessary in a skyscraper housing cheap. In all, he holds 495 apartments. In order to buy, for example, a one bedroom apartment , you need to have 435 thousand dollars. , Because the cost per square meter here is from 385 to 545 dollars, according to one of doveloperskih companies. According to her data, 80 % of units in the building have been sold.
Skyscraper ” stuffed ” and all kinds of infrastructure – koferentsii – lounges , swimming pools , game rooms for children , tennis courts , gyms, spas, five-level parking. There is even a kitchen on the roof. Let’s wait for what else we will be surprised Arab Emirates , because fantasies eastern architects, as time has shown , there is no limit .

Ukraine hit the top 10 countries with the fastest growth in house prices .


Ukraine this indicator has overtaken Russia
Analysts have unveiled a new ranking of the strongest real estate markets. Leader in the growth of housing prices began to Dubai ( 21.7 %). The second line took Hong Kong (19.1%) , and the third ranking position was Taiwan ( 15.4%).
These data are presented in the document Global House Price Index for the second quarter of 2013 from the company Knight Frank. With this information , the annual rise in house prices was noted in 36 of the 55 countries covered in the report.
Among European countries, the best indicator was in Turkey, where the annual price growth reached 12.2%. The weakest market was in Greece, where the price decline was equal to 11.5% . Spain , too, got to the bottom of rankings – there for a year minus 7.6 %.
In addition to Greece, Spain and Portugal, which are usually shown as negative figures in the report are named and countries such as the Netherlands, Hungary and Croatia . In their annual decline in prices reached 8.5% , 8.2% and 5.5 %, respectively.
U.S. real estate market – the 12- place showing a good side with an annual price increase of 10.2 %. Ukraine is on the 10th line of the rankings with a figure of 10.9 %, while Russia took 15th place with growth of 6.4%.

The top 10 countries with the highest increase in house prices ( the second quarter of 2012 – the second quarter of 2013 ) :
1. Dubai 21.7 %
2 . Hong Kong 19.1%
3 . Taiwan 15.4%
4 . China 14.8 %
5 . Columbia 12.7%
6. Turkey 12.2%
7. Indonesia 12.1%
8. Estonia 11.9 %
9. Brazil 11.9%
10 . Ukraine 10.9%

However, Ukrainian realtors are not sure of the correctness of the calculations. According to our President of the Association of Realtors Sergei Sinister , on the basis of the actual cost of transactions in the secondary market has not changed . “Given that Knight Frank in his method uses only the official data can not explain the results of their research in Ukraine, only the fact that sellers and buyers are no longer understate the real cost of housing in the sale to evade taxes . And it is immediately noted by foreign experts , as recorded in documents selling price increased respectively by 10.9 %, ” – says Mr. Sinister .

Traditions of six zeros


Britain has long held the title of the country , it is extremely popular for buying property class “luxury.” One reason is the wide choice : in London alone can be purchased as a modern penthouse apartment in a luxury residential complex, and a palace with a long history. The most active foreign buyers premium objects are considered representatives of the Middle East, Russia and China, which are not in the least interested in is historic mansions . Since the beginning of 2013 entered the market with a price tag of several objects in the hundreds of millions of pounds , but to buy a classic English home is possible and for a modest sum .

secretive seller
In April the Evening Standard newspaper reported that the owner of the London mansion outside Carlton House Terrace , 18 (Carlton House Terrace) intends to sell it for a record for the housing market in the country worth 250 million pounds. According to the publication , in the 1970s, the house belongs to a member of the royal family from the Middle East, which is now , for security reasons , not only does not advertise willingness to sell the facility , but also included the secret information brochure about the house only black-and- white photographs of the late nineteenth century . Formally, the property is registered to a company Carltop Estates, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands and is based in Liechtenstein.
The six-story (two levels – underground ) mansion , built between 1827 and 1832 , is located near Buckingham Palace, and is considered one of the largest private homes in London. Its total area is more than 4,600 square meters. During the First World War, the building was a help desk for the wounded and missing , the British Red Cross and the Order of St. John.
The interior and exterior look of a recognized landmark buildings have not changed much since it was built , including due to the fact that the restoration of the building the current owner has invested millions of dollars. In this case, the house is not so familiar to luxury real estate attributes, such as a swimming pool, home theater and a spa. All that the new owner can optionally equip underground floors. It is known that the house has no less than 10 bedrooms and a large ballroom.

Old headquarters
In March, British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond has approved the sale of the former building department (Old War Office Building), located in London’s Horse Gards Avenue (Horse Guards Avenue). The decision was taken in view of the fact that the agency considered it too costly reconstruction of the historical monument. Later the site was included in the program to reduce government spending , and decided to replace the sale on the authorities who came to the liking of a long-term lease. In 2012, under the scheme was implemented by a complex of buildings ” Admiralty Arch .” It was leased for 125 years Spanish businessman Rafael Serrano. He intends to create a luxury hotel in the building .
According to experts , Old War Office Building is also suitable as a hotel ( its value after the completion of repairs could reach £ 500 million ), or residential complex. In the seven-story building with an area of over 25,000 square meters has more than 1,000 rooms, corridors and the total length of 3.2 kilometers. Find a buyer for the property is planned until 2015.
The building was built in the years 1901-1906 , and until 1964 it housed the Military Staff, the prototype of the modern Ministry of Defence. After institutional reform department building remained in the ownership of the military and is still closed to public access .
To replenish its budget the Ministry of Defence forced to part with another unique object for the property market – a building with a broken 1934 Metro Brompton Road. It opened in the heart of London in 1906, but was suspended due to low passenger traffic. In 1938, the station moved the military, which during the Second World War has been building the bunker defense . Officially Brompton Road will be put up for sale in September this year, and the Ministry of Defence expect to get for it at least 20 million pounds sterling.

police Academy
Another British agency , decided to save on real estate , was the Ministry of the Interior, which put up for sale palace complex Bramshill in Hampshire, where since 1960 the headquarters of the European Police College . In the particular property does not need repair , but its annual maintenance cost taxpayers £ 5 million , and the police in this connection is constantly criticized for extra cost. Now, on the sale of the palace will earn £ 25 million
Bramshill Main Building was built in 1612 , designed by the great men of the court of Edward la Zouche , 11th Baron Zouche . It is known that in 1620 the King of England visited the estate of James I. During World War II it was used as a maternity hospital , and after the end of hostilities in the veins of the exiled king of Romania. In 1953, the complex is entered in the register of historic monuments of the UK, has purchased the Ministry of Internal Affairs, opened a training center for police officers.
Apart from the main mansion on the 15 bedrooms in an area of ​​102 hectares has 58 office buildings , two bars, two chapels , two restaurants , a gym and a lake with swans. At the same time in Bramshill can accommodate up to 330 guests . Experts believe that the facility is ideal for the education center or a hotel , as is already equipped with necessary facilities and is well equipped technically . However, it is possible that someone will buy complex exclusively for its own use .

From the author of London attractions
Become a full citizen of the palace can be and at a reasonable price . So , in the town of Richmond -upon-Thames , not far from the capital, ” only” for 4.25 million pounds sold the residence of Hampton Court Palace. As the plaque reads , ” The Legacy of England” , there lived one of the most famous architects of the country , Sir Christopher Wren . He, in particular , has designed the Cathedral of St. Paul and about 50 other London churches, the Naval Hospital at Greenwich , ” London monument” , royal and episcopal palaces in Winchester , the library of Trinity College , Cambridge.
Hampton Court Palace was founded in 1514 and for a long time, he served as the royal residence of the country . In 1689, ascended to the throne of co-rulers of England King William III and Queen Mary II conceived to rebuild the complex , authorizing the project Renu . As chief superintendent of the royal buildings , the architect had its home in each of the palaces. At Hampton Court , he lived in a mansion, known as the Old Court House and Hampton Court Green.
The palace had time to update only partly , because after the death of his wife in 1694 , Wilhelm has frozen the project. Wren lived to be almost unbelievable at the time 90 years after the withdrawal of the cases had to release the Old Court House, but back in 1708 Queen Anne gave him a house to rent for 50 years. In the end, after the architect’s death in 1723 in the building of his descendants lived , and after the agreement, it was back to the state. In 1958, the company went right to lease Crown Estates, which resold them a few times , until the residence is not redeemed politician Toby Jessel .
Thus, building on the open market exhibited for the first time in its history . Now it has six bedrooms , three bathrooms , four reception rooms , kitchen, several marble fireplaces ( total area – 659 square meters). The lot also includes a summer house , outbuildings and a garage for two seats.

In pursuit of the record
Currently, the most expensive housing the British capital are apartments in a modern residential complex One Hyde Park, sold in 2011 for 136 million pounds. Buyer flat area of ​​2300 square meters of structure were Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov . In the same year was made a record deal for the UK housing : the former president of the ” Bank of Moscow ” Andrey Borodin paid 140 million pounds for the Park Place mansion in Berkshire .
On the title of the most expensive housing in addition to the house on Carlton House Terrace , claims one more object in the past year, valued at 300 million pounds. This mansion in Rutland Gate (Rutland Gate) area of ​​5574 square meters, previously owned by slain in 2005 , Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Hariri and Saudi Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz , who died in October 2011 . Media reported that the owners have agreed to reduce the asking price by about 50 million pounds.
Decided to make a huge discount and businessman Andreas Panayiotou , who can not find a buyer for the house Heath Hall since 2011. Then he asked them for a renovated mansion built in 1910 of 100 million pounds, but in two years looking to buy a three-story building was not. Now the owner wants at least discourage their repair costs that cost him 40 million pounds sterling. Having paid £ 65 million can become the owner of a house of 2500 square meters, which, among other things, has 14 bedrooms , 12 bathrooms , six living rooms, ” safe – room ” , a billiard room , a gym with a swimming pool , cinema room and cellar with climate control.
In late July, it was reported that Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd put up for sale for £ 100 million historic mansion in Kensington, the so-called ” Boulevard of billionaires .”
Among the high-value transactions have already been made this year , we can mention the purchase of the co-founder of Russian investment bank ” Renaissance Capital” American Richard Deytsa . In April, he was for 23.3 million pounds purchased mansion, which formerly housed the London residence of the Ambassador of Greece. Seller of real estate made ​​by the Greek Foundation for the privatization of state property.
In general, according to analysts , the demand for luxury housing in London continues to grow. As reported in the company Savills, in 2012, the capital was sold 5115 houses worth more than £ 1 million . This represents an 8 percent increase over 2011 , and 12 percent more than the pre-crisis 2007 .
The explanation for this is easy to find . First, the British market ” elitki ” is a good way to save money , and from the turmoil in the market, he recovered quickly enough. In addition, it presents a wide selection of premium housing – from equipped with the latest modern technology to LCD ancient palaces , castles and mansions. But among the super-rich elite real estate in London has become something of a mandatory dress code , showing the status of the owner. Therefore no reason to doubt that the objects for sale will eventually find a buyer , no.

Wealthy buyers chose Miami, London and Vancouver

The difference in the prices between the elite international real estate markets reached 45% in 2011. The strongest decline in the value of property was recorded in regions with a growing economy.

Consulting company Knight Frank has published data on changes in the price index for elite real estate in the world (PIRI) in 2011, according to PropertyWire. Wealthy buyers provided the growth in house prices in Miami, London and Vancouver. The financial crisis led to a drop in European housing markets. PIRI index dynamics confirms the end of the boom in the real estate market darling Asia-Pacific region.

Knight Frank has said that the people of China, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America will determine the state of the world’s elite real estate markets in the next five years. Immigrants from these countries and regions looking for a safe asset class. Also, they buy property for their own use.

The capital of Kenya, Nairobi has become a leader on the rise in prices in 2011. Elite real estate rose by 25% here. Houses and apartments in Miami rose by 19.1%. Resort property in Bali has become more expensive by 15% per year, a luxury property in Jakarta has risen in price by 14.3%. Wealthy buyers provided the growth markets of London and Vancouver at 12.1% and 10.4%, respectively.

The Indian city of Mumbai market fell hardest in 2011. The elite real estate prices dropped by 18.1% here. Monaco and Mallorca have demonstrated a 10% decline, the market of Sydney fell by 8%. U.S. remained the most popular destination among wealthy buyers in the past year. United Kingdom, France, Spain and Singapore were also among the most popular destinations among investors.

Luxury real estate in Monaco.

Not a single country in the world so admired for its luxury and aristocracy, as Monaco! This is a small country in southern Europe has long been famed site where resorts are concentrated at the highest level. An unforgettable time in Monaco tend to spend the most famous and wealthy people of the world. But in recent years they have followed suit, and many tourists who want to experience the atmosphere of the royal comfort.
Today, rental villas in Monaco is not a luxury. This way to spend a vacation here is becoming more popular, including among our countrymen. Especially the prospect attracted particularly sophisticated travelers who want to experience new sensations from a trip abroad. Taking off a private residence on the Mediterranean coast in a cozy corner of Europe, you will be able to see such a level of service that could not even imagine before in the most expensive hotels. Only a villa in Monaco will help you understand how to be a true VIP-rest abroad.
Mansions, surrounded by magnificent gardens and prevalent all year round perfect climate, equipped with all that is on the list of modern inherent benefits of civilization. Quality equipment, fine furniture and noble finishing facilities will make you forget about the monotony of everyday life and feel yourself to be the VIP-persons. Along with renting the villa you can use the services of a personal chef or maids who always help to keep the room clean. For the full comfort in the courtyard of every house there is a spacious swimming pool.
Luxury property in Monaco is also presented modern luxury apartments in residential complexes. Trouble-free infrastructure, high level of service and the most respectable neighbors – all these obvious advantages, invariably accompany apartments in Monaco. After resting here once, you will certainly think about it hard to buy a villa in Monaco, to be able to visit the country regularly. After staying here brings incredible pleasure. In addition, you can be neighbors with one of the most popular stars of show business, an outstanding figure of a famous entertainer or athlete.
It should be noted that if the rent in Monaco is not a big problem for the citizens of other States, the purchase of real estate to private ownership is a little difficult. The fact that the country has a record small territory, in connection with which the number of square meters available here is limited. So, for example, to buy a villa in Monaco can not even each of those who have the necessary sum. We can not say that a small area of ​​the principality and causes quite high prices for local housing. However, if the apartment in Monaco or a mansion on the beach in this country have become your goal, then it may well be achieved. The main thing – apply in advance to a proven real estate agency and submit your application. Free to buy the object corresponding to your requirements, always will be.

An unusual property: the civilization in caves

People settled in the caves since time immemorial. Such a great natural space could not be better suited as a shelter from the rain, wind and sun. Thick walls guaranteed protection from wild animals.

Caves – a symbol of permanence, of eternity and mystery. And the interest in them does not weaken over time. On the contrary, nowadays, many people around the world prefer to live in them, leaving the comfortable apartments and cozy townhouses. Call it a fashion or ancestors – not so important. It is important that this demand has the most incredible offers.
Back to Nature

Widely known in connection with the history of the caves acquired Sleeper. Family of American farmers a few years ago, bought the land with a cave on the well known online auction site. Originally they were going to build a normal house and business office. But after a detailed acquaintance with the cave it was decided to settle in it.

By investing in the improvement of this giant underground chamber more than 150,000 dollars, Sleepers turned it into a comfortable accommodation. Now in the caves are well-appointed bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, swimming pool, electricity and sewerage. Internal natural source gives nearly four liters of clean water per day, which fully meets the needs of a family of five.

The clear advantage of such housing – a cave does not require additional heating, keeping a steady temperature around 17 degrees Celsius all year round. The wall thickness up to 15 meters, providing the perfect sound isolation rooms.

There are also disadvantages. Moist air dryers requires constant work. But the main drawback – it is sand, which periodically falls from the ceiling. Remedy require the installation of additional internal and original awnings umbrellas.

One of the main attractions of the cave houses Sleeper is a huge room for parties, which set the stage on which at various times has performed with such renowned artists as Bob Dylan and Tina Turner.

But, as the owners of this exclusive premises failed to payment mortgage, unusual accommodation returned to the same online auction. However, the price is twice as high. In the end, the lot was withdrawn from the auction. The reason is simple – Sleeper managed to refinance the mortgage and keep the house cave in the property.
town of Coober PediAvstraliysky oasis

The desire to accommodate five people cave under the house can be considered their personal whim. But the desire of almost two thousand people in Australia take a natural void only as a necessity, not name.

At the eastern boundary of Great Victoria Desert with a ridge Stewart is the town of Coober Pedy. It can rightly be called the opal capital of the world. More than thirty percent of the total deposits of the stones on the planet is concentrated here. Development conducted here since 1915. The city’s name is very symbolic. On Aboriginal language means “the white man’s burrow.”

Merciless climate has forced miners to seek shelter pioneers from the scorching heat and frequent sandstorms. The best way out of this situation was the combination of business with pleasure. And people began to equip their homes right in the mines.

Only at a depth of six meters below ground were found optimal conditions for a comfortable stay. Constant year-round temperature of 22 degrees Celsius leveled sharp differences of day and night temperatures on the surface. Such dwellings in the bowels of the earth came to be called digout (dug out of the home). Coober Pedy gradually expanded and now it’s only functioning modern underground city on the planet. Located underground, in addition digautov, an art gallery, shops, cemetery and underground churches of various denominations.

Now digging new mines in the city is prohibited. Construction of new homes with all the amenities. But most of the locals still prefer to live underground. The modern apartments have underground drainage, water supply, electricity supply. Despite the high cost of water in the region, some homes are even swimming pools!

The characteristic shedding of rocks neutralized in two ways. First, the so-called natural, option involves covering the walls and ceiling with a solution of polyvinyl acetate. Texture of the stone is left intact but the adhesive layer does not provide a surface “dust.” The second option – a covering space dry plaster – called modern.

The desire of local residents of arid and barren desert landscaping the city is impressive. In Coober Pedy can see the trees and welded iron, interspersed with cacti from around the world. There is even a modern golf club. The participants found an original solution to the lack of grass – while playing around the ball lined portion of the small grass blocks, which are carried from place to place.

Unique natural landscape has repeatedly made Coober Pedy famous scene filming fiction blockbusters. There’s the third part of the epic starring “Mad Max”, “Black Hole” and many others. The rich history of the city every year attracts many tourists, many of whom prefer to live in a unique Cave Hotel Desert Cave.
Cave business VostokaPescherny East business

The task of attracting customers solve all the businessmen in different ways. Eastern entrepreneurs have relied on the historical legacy – and it has paid off. Turkish hotels in caves, located on the territory of ancient Cappadocia, consistently enjoyed success with tourists.

The famous five-star Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Urgup, near the resort includes eighteen rooms arranged in a cave in the mountains. It offers great panoramic views. Of course, you need clarification: the cave is not cut down by the hotel owners. This renovated and refurbished at the beginning of the century hotel on the site of the cave monastery, the monks who staged around a thousand years ago.

Another Turkish hotel, Yunak Evleri, boasts a much larger number of apartments. Age man-made caves, which are numbers, is more than a thousand years. Design of the rooms is designed in traditional style.

At the foot of Mount Sahand Iran is a whole village cave. It’s called Kandovan, which translated means “hives.” Age settlements – more than seven hundred years. Modern locals appreciate the quality of modern plastic designs. Thanks to them, the ancient settlement has a very original look. The presence of hot springs attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The empty space just give local entrepreneurs to rent for everyone at any time.
Personal cave with all the amenities

In the Spanish Andalusia, near Granada, there are several settlements, consisting entirely of cave houses. The brightest of them – Guadix. At this point, people live in caves since Julius Caesar. And it is not going to change anything. This place is away from the usual tourist routes. This feature attracts lovers of privacy. Original Spanish apartment in Guadix in constant demand among the British, itinerant of Albion to warmer climes.

In addition, the Andalusian Tourism Administration is actively supporting another project – the construction of cave apartments to order. It has been operating for several years in Los Lobos. These comfortable home with all the amenities a ten minute drive from the coast find a buyer. The price of individual apartment-cave with all the comforts starts at 46,000 euros.

In addition to durability, high insulation and stable temperature, there is another plus of this property. If you want to increase the area of ​​the room, you can take a shovel, pickaxe and expand their own home.

An unusual property of the world

Lutheran Church
In a world of a lot of unusual houses and buildings, but the architecture of different countries, cities and regions are different in their own way. Despite that, in the world there are buildings that are not just like the others, they exist in a single copy, and capable of impressing themselves become a landmark of the city. Let us look at the building, near which it is simply impossible to pass without paying attention to them.
The public library in the United States are called “Bookshelf” or “speaking” the building as looking at them you can immediately guess that it is the repository of books. The public library of the city was founded more than 120 years ago, and in its history it has survived more than a repair plan, until 2004 not faced a serious reconstruction. Overhaul of the old building cost about $ 50 million, but as a result of this, the city has a new attraction and visual propaganda people to read. The facade of the public library actually looks like a real book shelf, on which the volume of such authors as Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolkien and so on. It is worth noting that the books are located on this shelf, chose not architects, and city residents. Book spines have a height of about 7.5 meters, a width of 2 meters. They are made of Mylar – a material that is used during the creation of advertising signs. In total, the facade of the building you can see the 22 volumes that have selected residents of a large number of volumes, the proposed Board of Trustees.
One of the most amazing structures small northern country of Iceland is Lutheran Church. The building occupies the 4th place in height. Construction of the church began in 1945 and lasted until 1986. Despite the fact that the building is a relatively “young”, it looks very solid. In 1948 he managed to build a central part, which contains the choir and crypt, and in 1974 it was possible to build a broad wings of the building and the tower.
Today in the church, you can see the body, under development by the German master of Bonn. The height of the body is 15 meters, and the construction is 5275 tubes. Lutheran Church can not only be called one of the main attractions of the capital of Iceland, but it can be used as a sightseeing tower, since the tower of the church you can see the great panorama of Reykjavik and the surrounding area.
The developer of another unusual project was Santiago Calatrava. Attraction called Terenife Auditorium located on the picturesque coast of the main island Terenife, which is included in the Canary Islands archipelago. Construction of the building began in 1997 and ended in 2003, and an unusual concert hall cost the people who invest the project, to 72.3 million euros.
The main highlight of the building is unusual “wing” roof, which rises above the main building and ceramic. Thanks to this decorating concert hall, which hosts performances of symphonic orchestras, like a huge boat, sink or a spaceship.
The residential complex Habitat – 67, located in Canada was first presented at the “Expo 67”, at the same etyo exhibition presented and well-known architectural projects from all over the world. In this building dominates brutalism, and the apartment complex is a 354 cube, which seemed to put on each other. The complex has 146 apartments, and for each individual room has a small garden, located on the roof of the apartment below. When the project is a kitchen used to order from the manufacturer, the results we obtain the corresponding interior exterior.

Sutyagin House in Russia

Sutyagin House in Russia
Sutyagin’s home is located in Arkhangelsk, he is considered to be the tallest wooden building in the world and has 13 floors. The house is made according to an ancient recipe without a single nail. Of the latter, the thirteenth floor, one can see the White Sea.

He was not finished, as the owner, a former criminal Nikolai Sutyagin was arrested, and after his release from prison he had no money to complete construction. He now lives on the ground floor of his creation and leads tours of the interior eerie, creaking floors and rotting stairs. Even at home we have outstanding with the plight, as it turned out.

House cactus in Holland

House cactus in Holland
Now in vogue to use the design and construction of buildings “green” technology. This is the desire to approximate a person living in the city to nature.

In Rotterdam, built luxury 19-storey unusual house-cactus, which consists of a plate-petals, arranged one above the other. Each petal rounded ends landscaped balcony or loggia. The “petals” are alternated regularly, so their location makes the penetration of natural light into the house maximized. The house is painted white to less heat in hot weather. In the “home-cactus” is located 98 luxury apartments.

The unusual design of the house, the cactus was designed to maximize the outer space of each apartment and the interior lighting. Speakers part – it is a large terrace for gardening, at which the sun can illuminate the plants from different angles …